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Delta computer systems

Since 1981, Delta has supported county governments in meeting their computing needs. Nearly 100 counties across the Southeast rely on Delta software.

Delta computer systems

Comprehensive Solutions

Delta offers a full range of integrated applications for virtually every department of county government. From abstracting to accounting, we provide solutions to manage the critical information essential to county operations.

Superior Value Through Automated Development

Committed to delivering top-quality products at minimal costs, Delta has developed an extensive set of automated programming tools. These tools enhance our developers’ productivity six-fold compared to traditional techniques, allowing us to efficiently manage millions of lines of code. This ensures faster, more effective support and keeps maintenance rates low, providing excellent long-term value.

Adaptable to Change

As laws and needs evolve, our automated development environment enables us to easily update applications to meet these changes. Updates are included in our standard support plan, eliminating the need for costly “upgrades.” We also customize applications at the lowest possible cost to meet unique computing needs.

Delta computer systems

User-Friendly Systems

Our disciplined software development approach ensures all applications share a consistent look and feel, making them easy to learn and use. This consistency lowers training costs and enhances productivity. Support is readily available through our knowledgeable full-time specialists at our toll-free help desk.

Reliable and Compliant Systems

Our experienced developers are experts in both computing and local government operations. Our accounting system has a Certificate of Compliance from the Government Financial Officers Association, and we work closely with state regulatory organizations. Additionally, we are approved by the Alabama Department of Revenue to offer tax assessors and revenue commissioners in Alabama computer-assisted assessment services.

Accessible Information

Designed for seamless integration, our applications prevent redundant data entry. We incorporate new technologies as they emerge. Our PaperLinkĀ® software links electronic images of paper documents with application data, and digitized maps can also be integrated. We can scan typed board minutes and automatically create a text search index, providing organized and easily accessible information. Delta computer systems

Our Philosophy

According to Delta, people should serve computers, not the other way around. Our objective is to offer the best possible quality and dependability at the most affordable price, supported by outstanding service. Delta computer systems

Delta Applications for County Government Include:

Collections: Business Licenses, Car Tags, Manufactured Housing, Hunting & Fishing Licenses, Boats
Criminal Justice: Dispatch, Incident Reporting, Bookings, Jail Management, Gun Registration
Accounting: General Ledger, Payroll/Personnel, Receipts and Disbursements, Fixed Assets, Purchasing, Budget and Encumbrance
Appraisal: Assessment and Abstracts
Records Management: Deed Record, UCCs, Marriage Licenses, Probate Court Management.Delta computer systems

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