How to fix purple lines on laptop screen

fix purple lines on laptop screen

  • To address the purple vertical line on your Laptop screen, you can attempt the accompanying advances: Update your illustrations card drivers and working framework to the most recent renditions.
  • Here and there, show issues can be settled through programming refreshes. Actually look at the actual association between your PC and the screen.
  • In the event that you’re utilizing an outer screen and seeing the line, take a stab at utilizing an alternate link or port to preclude an equipment issue.
  • Run an indicative test on your Dell XPS 9360 to check for any equipment related issues, including the presentation.
  • On the off chance that the issue continues, it very well might be an equipment issue with the actual presentation. For this situation, you might have to contact Dell support for additional help or take your PC to an ensured specialist for fix.
  • These means ought to help you investigate and possibly resolve the purple vertical line issue on your PC screen.
fix purple lines, laptop

It’s usually because of the loose hinges causing issues with the display port. A full disassembly and a proper tuning to the display port and the GPU might be helpful.

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